Food Menu

Our award-winning dogs and other treats. All of our dogs are 100% vegetarian and can be made vegan on request.


Plain Jane (just the dog) 3.35
The Puppy (corn dog, chips & pop) 4.95
Coney Island (chili, melted cheese optional) 5.95 (7.20 with cheese)
Wiener Dog Schnitzel (bratwurst and kraut) 5.95
Red Hot Bayou (red beans, rice, peppers, “beef”, onions, celery, corn, Cajun spices) 7.95
California (veggies, cheese, bacon, avocado, salsa) 5.95
Chicago (brat with dill pickle spear, tomoato, pickled peppers and celery salt on a hoagie roll) 5.95
El Bandito (chili, cheese, avocado, salsa) 7.95
Mama Tatiana (Italian “sausage”, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, fresh basil & garlic, Parmesan cheese. Comes with vitamins!) 7.95
Dog From Ipanema (long grain rice, black beans, tomatoes, coconut milk, heart of palm, “beef”, walnuts, cilantro, avocado) 7.95
Spudnik (mushrooms, potatoes, herbs, melted cheese optional) 7.40 (8.65 with melted cheese)
Laika (eggplant, zucchini and other veggies, Parmesan cheese optional) 7.40 (8.65 with melted cheese)
Dead Beet (beets, walnuts, mayo & spices) 7.40
Greek Goddess (hummus, veggies, Parmesan cheese, avocado – pita bread option available) 7.95
Doga Lisa (pesto baked with tomatoes & Parmesan cheese) 7.45
Doggi Lama (house spinach sauce, potatoes, spices, veggies with “yogurt” sauce on top) 8.40
Lazlo the Dog (potatoes, “beef”, celery, carrots & noodles stewed w/Hungarian spices & topped with “bacon” and kraut) 7.95


Avocado (1.75)
Vegetarian bacon (3 pieces) (1.50)
Kraut, veggies, or salsa (1.25)
Cheese (1.25)


“Chicken” Noodle (Celery, carrots, noodles, “chicken”) 6.95
“Clam” Chowder (Milk or soy milk based with celery, carrots, potatoes, “clams”) 6.95


Melt (“tuna” or “chicken” salad with cashews, celery, mayo, melted cheese, avocado and green onions on an English muffin) 7.95
Nachos (chili, cheese, salsa) 7.95 (smaller portion available for 5.95)
Breakfast Sandwich (English muffin with cheese, “bacon”, avocado) 4.95
Desserts (assorted muffins, cookies, and pastries. Many are vegan!) .30-2.65